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At least. that’s what I thought until today.

It’s been a bit of a running joke in our office that being cynical too early in the week is non-productive, and detracts from the job in hand.  And so it was that “Cynical Thursday” was born!  Why Thursday?  Well, obviously Wednesday signifies the middle of the week – still far too early for negative vibes.  And who wants to be downcast on a Friday, riding the cusp of the weekend?

Not to break with tradition, today has had it’s fair share of gripes and groans – about work, people, life etc.  But today is different.  Today our cynicism has reached the level whereby we challenged ourselves to do something about it.

Today, “theoldsewingfactory” has been reborn.  This blog is the start of things to come.

No longer will cynicism rule.  No longer will we allow our destiny to be taken from our hands.  We have a voice.  We have talent and skills.

We will succeed.