About The Old Sewing Factory

Three developers, one blog, what could possibly go wrong?

TheOldSewingFactory is a collaborative effort between Mike Bylett, James Timbrell and Rob White. We are all developers working primarily on the web, but will happily tackle almost anything our boss throws at us.

Who we are

Mike Bylett (mbylett )

Mike is far too busy to fill in this page, he mostly doing, you know, this and that, and some really important and time consuming stuff. It’s tough being Mike.

James Timbrell (jamestimbrell)

Akin to Mike, James has yet to lift his massive leathery chimp digits and type anything here, but has got a new born, so we’ll let him off for now.

Rob White (ilivewithian)

I’m a developer working in Birmingham, UK. I mostly get to play with new toys from Microsoft. I’ve been working in .Net since 2004 and started in asp .net in 2006. Before that I spent a year doing an MSc in .Net and before that 3 years mucking about at uni and sometimes I even went to lectures. Apart from that I try to get out walking and hiking when I can, I also like to think I’m a dab hand with a hammer and saw. Oh yes, I’m also much more grumpy than I should be.

And that’s us, read the blog, post comments, enjoy, it’s really that simple.